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  1. 1.) The start point (copper part) must be higher than the end point (end of hose).
  2. 2.) The end of tube must be lower than the self-priming pump before siphoning will start.
  3. 3.) Submerge the self-priming pump into liquid that is to be siphoned.
  4. 4.)  Move the self-priming pump vigorously in an up and down motion. It is important the self-priming pump always remain in the liquid to start the siphoning. Once the flow starts, stop moving or shaking the self-priming pump as gravity will maintain the flow of the liquid. Once siphoning starts, keep the self-priming pump submerged in liquid.
  5. 5.) To stop siphoning, remove the self-priming pump from the liquid.
  6. 6.) Drain all liquid from the hose and clean thoroughly.
  7. 7.) Store in a cool, dry place.

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