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Store Siphon

Now that you purchased and own the the world's best siphon, here are three of the most common ways to properly store your siphon.

1.  Wrap siphon around something equivalent to a garden hose rack at least five feet off the ground in your garage or shed. Do not wrap hose section around  something like a nail as it will kink and damage the hose.
2.  Safely secure two nails on wall of garage or shed and vertically place check valve between the two nails. Make sure that nails are close enough as to prevent check valve from slipping out.
3. Store siphon in a PVC tubing and secure on wall of garage or shed.

It is recommended to cap off both ends of the siphon (check valve and hose side) to keep dirt, spiders, etc, out of your siphon.

It is also recommended to store siphon in a cool dry place (garage or storage shed).

Note:  Always make sure that the siphon does not have any liquid in it prior to storing.

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